Sewing and knitting machines

G&P knitting machines

Since 1967 G&P snc works in the field of knitting machines. Beginning as a manufacturer of drives and mechanical programmers for knitting machines, later the company starts to design and produce accessories for large flat and circular knitting machines, then in 1974 it began to project and manufacture bordering machines capable of achieving more and more elaborated border trims.

G&P EQUIP knitting machines

G&P EQUIP knitting machines

The knitting machines G&P EQUIP are intended for large-scale production of scarves and strips that are usually applied to the edges of cardigan-style knitwear.

All G&P EQUIP models have:

  1. tensioners that stop the carriage movement in case of knots or broken yarn;
  2. needle-savers; built-in lighting;
  3. an effective take-down system for the knitting produced and a manual changer of speed.

Each model consists of a solid (steel) bench fitted with a complete protection system against accidents.

The easy stitch selection allows a friendly use of this machine even to less experienced users.

Dimensions: 104x58x185h

They can be supplied in the gauges 3 - 5 - 7 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18.

G&P Four - G&P Five knitting machines

G&P Four - G&P Five knitting machines

The machines G&P Four and G&P Five are small in size, they are suitable for creating knitting strips with vertical bands.

You can produce various types of strips, thanks to easy systems for stitch types selection.

The machines are equipped with a yarn recovery system, knot marker, needle-savers, take-down system for the knitting produced, built-in lighting and changer of speed.

A clear control system with the help of various anti-injury protections and stopping systems allow the operator to work safely.

The working width is from a minimum of 5 mm to a maximum of 355 mm.