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PFAFF - sewing machines

Pfaff is a company on the international market for over 140 years.
It manufactures solid, robust, efficient and always cutting-edge sewing machines.
It also offers industrial embroidery machines and overlock machines.
In our store we have a wide range of models of PFAFF industrial sewing machines, we suggest some of them here. Please contact us for more information on the availability of other models.

★ Sewing machine

PFAFF 1163 - sewing machine

PFAFF 1163

◉ Prices from 900,00 € + VAT

The PFAFF 1163 linear industrial sewing machine, lockstitch (stitch type 301), can be used in a wide range of applications.

The PFAFF 1163 can be used for all straight stitches sewing of medium-heavy and light materials.


 Technical Specifications 

Efficient at high-speed: max speed up to 5.000 spm
Automatic lubrication
Easy adjustment of stitch length
Very competitive price
Very good stitch formation
Very good conservation of the stitch length
Easy transition between the different materials and operations


Max Speed: 5.000 spm
Max stitch length: 4.0 mm (B version), 8.0 mm (C version)


  • Automatic thread trimmer (-900/93)
  • Automatic presser foot lift (-910/93)
  • Thread wiper (-909/93)
  • Automatic reverse stitching (-911/93)
  • Control panel