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In our store we have a wide range of models of Siruba industrial sewing machines, we show some of them here, please contact us for more information.

Siruba 700K/KD K13 overlock machine

Siruba 700K/KD K13 overlock machine

The Siruba 700K/KD overlock machine is part of the new K series. These overlock machines are completely renovated in the efficiency and functionality.

The Siruba 700K/KD overlock machine has a very high speed and can be available with the motor integrated in the head to reduce noise, have energy savings up to 40% and further improve the efficiency of the overlock machine.

The new K-Series is suitable for light and medium weight fabrics, thanks to the sealed lubrication system, oil leaks on the tissue during processing are reduced to zero.


Technical specifications


  • Flat base overlock machine
  • 2 needles 4 threads
  • Needles distance 2mm
  • Overlock width 4 mm
  • Differential bottom feed
  • Stitch length 3.8 mm
  • Pressure foot height 6 mm
  • Needle type B27
  • Speed r/engine 7500