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Simet - winders

SIMET was born in 1967 and offers its customers a wide range of winding machines for the textile industry.

SIMET offers electronic winders for the preparation of packages before or after dyeing, electronic winders for spinning, knitting and hosiery manufacturers, electronic winders with double positive feeder suitable for continuous or slippery or chenille yarns, electronic winding machines for the collection from bulking machines etc…

We propose just some models of Simet winders, if you are interested in a model that is not present here please contact us.

Simet mod. SES electronic winders

Simet mod. SES electronic winders 

The Simet mod. SES electronic winder has one inverter per head, is technologically advanced in order to better meet the needs of the user preparing the packages before and after dyeing with or without paraffin.

By adjusting the speed of the counterweight, of the rubbing of the cone holder and of the braking of the yarn, it is easy to get an excellent and constant density, which assures optimal results in all working processes.


The yarn is not damaged thanks to the ceramic protection of the thread passage that prevents any damaging friction.


The maintenance is very simple and is essentially limited to normal cleaning.